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  • Downloads a file that you can import into your RSS Reader
  • See below for instructions on how to set up RSS.

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To use the SearchTempest RSS Feeds generator, please first run a search at, then click the "Feeds for this search" link at the top-right.

Need help?

Clicking the link above will generate an 'opml' file, which can be imported into the RSS reader of your choice. If you don't have a favorite reader already though, here are some instructions to import your feeds into Feedly.

NOTE: At the moment craigslist appears to be blocking Feedly, so these instructions might not work as-is. We've got a blog post here listing other options!

RSS Setup Instructions:

  1. Choose a title for your feeds and enter it above. It can be anything you want - just pick something short that reminds you what you were searching for.
  2. Click "Get RSS Feeds!". You'll be prompted to save an .opml file. This is a file that will tell your feed reader where to find the feeds for each craigslist city. Save the file somewhere you can find it later, like your desktop.
  3. Now, go to Feedly. (Opens in a new window.) You may want to bookmark that page to go back to later.
  4. Click the green "Login" button, and log in using one of the linked account options.
  5. Once logged in, move your mouse to the left side of the window to open the menu. (If you're using a mobile browser or a small window you might need to click on or hover over the icon to show the menu.)
  6. At the very bottom of the menu, you should see three dots. Click those to open an options menu, then choose "Organize".
  7. At the top of the Organize screen, click "Import OPML," then browse for the .opml file you just saved, and click "Import".
  8. Depending on how many cities your search covers, you may have to wait a while, and may even need to refresh the page if it times out. Once it's finished though, the feeds should be added to Feedly, and automatically grouped under a folder for this search.
  9. You should now be able to click on the title of the search in the Feedly menu on the left (again, click the if it's not visible) at any point in the future to get its updated results. You can also click 'All' to view the results from all your searches together (as well as any other feeds you've added outside SearchTempest).
  10. Couple last things to note: To delete searches, or even just individual cities, open the "Organize" screen, as before. Also, by default Feedly only shows you 'unread' posts; ie. ones you haven't already clicked on or marked as read. To see all posts, open the menu again, and this time choose Preferences. In the Preferences page, find the "Hide Read Posts" section, and switch it to "No". You may also want to play with some of the other preferences to find a setup you like.

Hope that helps! If you still have questions after going through these steps, please see the help forum or send us an email so we can help you out and make these instructions better! If you have a problem with Feedly specifically, their feedback forum might also help.

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